Warehouse logistics

A 2000 m² warehouse with an internal height of 12 m is at our partners’ disposal. It is suitable for both temporary and long-term storage. In our warehouse halls, shelf and piled storage are both possible for you. Our warehouse management system is fully capable of fulfillng complex logistic service tasks.

Our warehouses are located in:






Storage services

Temporary and long-term storage

Loading and unloading of goods

Packaging, strapping, foiling, labelling

Piled and shelf storage

Goods handling with bar codes

Complete customs administration

Warehouse picking, sorting, managing of unique processes

Manual and mechanical material handling

Fulfillment of scheduled orders

Security and accessibility 

Protection of goods

24-hour fire, surveillance camera, burglar alarm system, as well as security guard and reception service.

24-hour availability

This is how we guarantee flexibility to you and the quick reaction to market needs.

Inventory and turnover reporting

You are continuously informed online as to how your stock is changing and the status of the execution of your orders.

Customized solutions

Storage area tailor-made for particular needs, temperature control, storage under roof cover and in the open.

Quality and reliability

Our MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management system guarantees the continuously high-standard service, and our commitment ensures the constant improvement of our quality management system in terms of process approach. Additionally, our company has freight liability insurance and CMR insurance as well. We introduced the SQAS certification in 2019.

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